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Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Our Story


Cata Chocolate grows and sources it’s cacao in the fertile Bijagua valley, shaded by the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes.  We hand-harvest, ferment and sun-dry our Cacao beans with meticulous care and attention.  Our beans are a hybrid of the Trinitario and Criollo varieties, and are considered as some of the highest quality fine flavor beans available.  We Roast and refine our beans in small batches in our Playas del Coco facility, taking care to develop the natural flavor and aroma that is unique to our Chocolate.  As a tree to bar maker of fine chocolate, we practice both sustainable agriculture practices on our farm and fair trade practices with our neighbors.   In our Chocolate, we use only the highest quality, all natural products.  Enjoy.

The Process of Cata Chocolate


It all starts at the cacao tree.  The ripe cacao pods are removed by hand from the trunk and heavier branches of the tree.  The pods are then opened carefully with a machete, and the seeds and pulp are removed. The extracted seeds and pulp, called baba, are placed in specially made wooden boxes and covered with banana leaves.  This starts the crucial fermentation process, which takes 7 days to complete.  Fermentation removes some of the natural bitterness of the cacao seed, and in a great part, develops the chocolate flavor.  It takes another 7-10 days to sun-dry the cacao seeds, or beans, after fermentation is complete.  Sun-drying also helps remove more acidity through evaporation.  Then, we have the roasting process, which really brings out the flavors and aromas of this delicious seed.  After roasting only the select beans, they pass through the Winnower, which separates the shell from the husk, by cracking the beans and vacuuming away the shell. The resulting small pieces of chocolate are called nibs. The nibs are ground to a paste, called cocoa liquor, to make unsweetened chocolate, the foundation of any flavor of chocolate we plan to make.  The cocoa liquor is then combined with organic raw cane sugar and refined for 30-40 hours in our stone mill, which creates a silky smooth chocolate.  Finally we temper our chocolate to create a delicious bar or bonbons. Our varieties are 70% dark chocolate, 60% chocolate with coconut milk and 55% milk chocolate with caramel.

In our Chocolate, we use only the highest quality, all natural ingredients.  Enjoy.

- Cata Chocolate -

Our ingredients' simplicity


Our ingredients are all-natural, non-refined and produced in Costa Rica, where, we as a local producer, promote other local producers to thrive.


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